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Legion of Frontiersmen of the Independent Overseas Command

  1. These regulations are to be cited as "The Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross Regulations, 2003."
  2. The Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross is the Command's premier award and takes precedence over all other Command honors and awards. The cross has two classes and is awarded by the Command to a member in good standing who has performed:
    1. Distinguished Conduct above and beyond that which could be normally expected of them either for a specific act or for performance over a period of time, or
    2. Acts of a hazardous nature where life is in danger, the Cross is awarded for valor.
  1. The Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross is named in honor of Second Lieutenant Richard Wallace Annand, VC; Colonel-in-Chief of the Command and recipient of the Victoria Cross. A member of 2nd. Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry, Royal Army when awarded the Victoria Cross. On May 15, 1940 near the River Dyle in Belgium. Second Lieutenant Annand (age 25) inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy with hand grenades. He was wounded, but after having his wounds dressed, he made another attack on the enemy position the same evening. Later, when the position became hopeless and when Lieutenant Annand’s platoon was ordered to withdraw, Lieutenant Annand discovered that his batman was wounded and missing. He returned at once to the former position and brought him back in a wheelbarrow before collapsing from loss of blood. He later achieved the rank of Captain
  2. The post-nominal entitlement for the Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross is AFSC. The post-nominal entitlement to the Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross awarded for valor is AFSCV. The post-nominal entitlement for the awarding of both grades is AFSCV, AFSC. The awarding of a bar is denoted by the post-nominal entitlement AFSC*.
  3. The award is described as a silver Cross Patee 38mm wide, in the center of the obverse is a 17mm diameter round, central motif of the Legion Badge enameled surrounded by a Laurel Wreath. The reverse is engraved with the recipient's details
    1. The Medal is suspended on two silver rings from a 31mm wide crimson ribbon with a 11mm central blue stripe, the central stripe, being bordered by a 4mm gold stripe each side.
    2. The miniature is a half-size full replica of the cross, suspended from a 16mm ribbon. A miniature bar denotes subsequent awards or valor claps on the ribbon.
    3. The bar for the medal is silver, 30mm wide by 5mm high bearing a replica of a Mural Crown superimposed centrally on the bar.
    4. The valor clasp for the cross is a silver letter “V” 5mm high and 4mm wide.
  1. When wear of the ribbon bar is authorized, subsequent awards of the Cross shall be denoted by the wearing of a miniature Mural Crown in the center of the ribbon. A silver letter “V” will be worn if the cross is awarded for valor. If both embellishments are entitled, the silver “V” takes precedence to the right.
  2. The Cross will be worn above the edge of the left breast pocket, either swing or court mounted, in Legion uniform, in accordance with the Order of Precedence. In uniform when ribbons only are worn, the wearing of a ribbon bar shall denote the award. Those to whom the Cross is awarded may wear Miniature Medals, on appropriate uniforms.
  3. Subject to these Regulations, solely the Commandant General, Independent Overseas Command-Legion of Frontiersmen awards the Cross, upon the recommendation of a Command, Affiliate Corps, or Unit Commander, to a member in good standing of the Legion of Frontiersmen.
  4. The character and conduct of the nominee for the Cross shall not be considered irreproachable. No award of this medal shall be given to persons who have been convicted of any criminal offense in a civil court or military tribunal, or their personal conduct has been as such to bring discredit upon the Command or the Legion of Frontiersmen.
  5. Every recommendation for the award will be properly forwarded to the Commandant General-IOC, or his authorized representative for action. A register of names of awardees shall be maintained by Headquarters-IOC.
  6. The Commandant General-Independent Overseas Command may, by order under his hand, reinstate, cancel, or annul the award of the Cross to a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen, by recommendation of the Promotion and Appeals Board, or other such committee empowered to investigate the awardees of the Command.
  7. Every cancellation or restoration of this award shall be notified in routine General Orders.

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